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Granny Fixit and the Monkey

Stage 1 - 100 headwords - below A1 - Starters - Original

Granny Fixit, Lucy and Bill race through a bio park chasing a naughty monkey.
In this funny adventure in a biopark a monkey takes Granny Fixit’s small yellow bag! What does the monkey take out of the bag? And What can Granny
Fixit, Lucy and Bill do to get it back?
Vocabulary areas
Animals, family, clothes
Grammar and structures
Present, present continuous -
there is / are - have got (for possession) -
can for requests - like + ing –
pronouns - adjectives to show feelings
- expressions: Naughty monkey! What
now? Oh dear! - Be careful! Come here!
Sorry! What an adventure
Adventure | magic | humour


(D) Developed EIDOS

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