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Granny Fixit and the yellow string

Stage 1 - Young ELI Readers - below A1

Ann is ALWAYS losing her things and her teacher is angry. But help is on the way! Granny Fixit and her piece of yellow string solve all her problems… or do they?
Anne is running to school. Her school bag is open! Her books are falling out of her bag. Ann is always losing her things! The teacher is angry. Ann doesn’t have her book… again! Granny Fixit puts her hand in her small yellow bag. What is in there? Oh! It is a piece of yellow string!
Vocabulary areas
School, family and friends, the home, toys
Grammar and structures
Present simple, Present progressive,
There is / there are,
Question words: Where? / What?,
Conjunctions: and / but, determiners:
this / that / a / an / a lot of
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