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Uncle Jack and the Bakonzi Tree

Stage 3 - Young ELI Readers - below A1.1

‘In the deep green forest what can you see? Ants and snakes and spiders and monkeys up a tree! In the deep green forest what can you do? Take photos.
Climb up and swing from trees too!’ You will learn something about the Nyungwe Forest in this exciting adventure where Uncle Jack and the others fly off to Africa to look
for a cure for King Kambogo. They don’t realise but there are some bad men who don’t want them to find the cure!
Vocabulary areas
Animals, nature, feelings
Grammar and structures
Past simple regular and irregular
forms, Verb + infinitive,
Verb + -ing, Adverbs,
Can / can’t, Must / mustn’t,
Question words: what? / why?,
Prepositions of place
Adventure | Social Issues | Spy

(D) Developed EIDOS

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