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Uncle Jack and the meerkats

Stage 3 - Young ELI Readers - below A1.1

Uncle Jack is reading a book in the garden. Jim and his sisters are playing with a ball. Grumpy the dog begins to bark. He wants to show them something…
Uncle Jack, Grumpy, Daisy and May look into the next door garden. It’s incredible! There are two baby meerkats in a cage and they are crying! They come from the Kalahari Desert! Uncle Jack decides to take them home. It’s the beginning of a great adventure!
Vocabulary areas
Animals, nature, feelings, town
Grammar and structures
Past simple regular and irregular
forms, Verb + ing,
Verb + infinitive, Could,
Must for obligation, Shall for obligation,
Adverbs: never, sadly, a lot,
Comparatives / superlatives: better, best
Adventure | Animals

(D) Developed EIDOS

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