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Harry and the Egyptian Tomb

Stage 4 400 headwords | A2 | Flyers | Original

Emma and Harry went down the River Nile in a boat. They sailed through the desert and visited lots of pyramids. One day, a young girl spoke to them.
The Adventure is ready to begin. Two police officers, Harry and Emma, are sent to investigate an ancient Egyptian tomb where stolen gold is
hidden. Harry is not happy and his mood gets worse when he finds out that a young girl is going to be their guide. However,
Harry and Emma go into the tomb of the ancient Egyptian queen Nefertari, led by Chione. What dangers will they meet?
And what will they find inside?
Vocabulary areas
The world around us, feelings, food,
Grammar and structures
Present simple, past simple and
progressive, present perfect, future
will and going to, Infinitive of purpose,
Conjunctions: and, but, so
clauses with before and after,
Prepositions: through, down, into
looks / sounds + adjectives
Interest in different cultures |

(D) Developed EIDOS

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