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Scotland is Magic!

Stage 2 Pre-Intermediate | 800 headwords | A2 | Flyers/Key | Non-fiction

If someone says Scotland, what do you think of? Kilts? Tartan? The Bagpipes? Well, yes you’re right, but there’s lots more too!
Do you like mystery, legends or haunted castles? Or how about vibrant cities and exciting festivals? Well, you will find all of these and much more in this A-Z about Scotland. It’s a country full of history and traditions and lots of surprises too! There’s something for
everybody from sports to museums! So, come on! Start your A-Z journey through Scotland and discover the  magic of this fantastic country!
Topics Nature – Culture – Legends
– Mystery – Museums – Traditions –
Cities - Food – Music – Sport
Verbs Present Simple. Present Continuous,
Past Simple, Past Continuous,
Present Perfect Simple - Positive /
Negative Imperatives - Passive Forms
– Present Simple and Past Simple –
Future with will - Can - Would like
Adjectives Comparative and superlative forms
Functions Expressing preferences /
opinion - Describing places and events
In this Reader you will find:
Glossary of difficult words | After-reading activities |
An audio recording of the book
History | Nature | Emotions | Traditions

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