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Welcome to ELI Digital Platforms

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The thousands of interactive auto-correcting multimedia exercises and tests, many with audio and video embedded, make ELI’s WebLAB an essential and motivating tool to supplement students’ learning with personalised study and practice. All the material is clearly organised by language level (CEFR) and grammatical item.

Personalised study: WebLAB makes it possible to tailor study and practice activities to the needs of individual students, groups or whole classes. Assign homework and tests and receive detailed reports on students’ progress.

Flexible: WebLAB provides a whole range of ready-made exercises and tests for teachers to choose from. A simple, guided procedure allows teachers to adapt any item to their specific needs.

Safe: WebLAB is a protected online educational environment open only to schools, teachers and the students they invite.

Password-protected: teacher and student access is controller by individual passwords automatically generated by WebLAB.

WebLAB is a truly useful FREE digital tool to supplement more traditional materials and is available to ELI teachers at weblab.elionline.com

In order to help students with dyslexia, WebLAB offers a function to change background colour and increase the size of the font in order to make it as legible as possible.







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WebCLOUD is a new, easy-to-use platform where students and teachers can create and publish photo galleries, blogs and class magazines. WebCLOUD is available at webcloud.elionline.com to all teachers who adopt one of ELI’s titles.

Key Competences: WebCLOUD helps develop creativity, digital, planning, interpersonal and intercultural skills all of which are numbered among the essential educational competencies for tomorrow’s adults.

Digital Natives: WebCLOUD creates the ideal environment for today’s digitalised students. The most common activities students engage in on Internet are posting photos, reading and writing blogs or articles. Here in WebCLOUD these habits can be harnessed to language learning – all in a safe and protected environment.

Safe: WebCLOUD i san online protected educational environment open only to schools, teachers and the students they invite. Schools and teachers have total control over who sees what they publish on WebCLOUD. Access can be limited to a class, given to all students at the school or opened up to anyone who has registered on WebCLOUD, wherever they may be in the world.

Motivating: WebCLOUD is an ideal way to involve students in working together to post their best photos, write the best blogs and create the best class magazines. Comparison and contact with other classes in other parts of the world is only a click away!





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