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2014 Language Learner Literature Winner

The Extensive Reading Foundation (ERF), an unaffiliated, not-for profit organization that supports and promotes extensive reading in language education, takes pleasure in announcing the winners of the 10th Annual Language Learner Literature Award for books published in 2013.

An international jury chose the winning book in five categories, taking into account the Internet votes and comments of students and teachers around the world. The judges’ comment is followed by reactions from readers of the book.

Anne of Green Gables 2014

Author: Lucy Maud Montgomery
Retold by: Michael Lacey Freeman 
Illustrator: Gaia Bordicchia
ISBN: 9788853615763

Judge’s comment: 

This excellent book simply but engagingly retells the story of Anne and her relationships with Marilla, Matthew and the community and environment around her. Readers will get a good sense of the charm and scope of the original. The cute illustrations are aimed at younger readers, but older readers will equally enjoy the story and look forward to reading the original.

On-line voter’s comment: 

Anne’s feelings often go up and down. She makes many mistakes or does surprising things, so the story develops one thing after another. It is interesting for me. I can see Anne’s kindness and childlike character. I also can see the process of building good relationships between Anne and many other people. This story makes my mind warm. This is a good story.

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