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10th February  - Andy Cowle
24th February  - Dorothy Zemach
3rd March  - Rob Howard
10th March  - Dorothy Zemach
24th March  - Philip Kerr
31st March  - Andy Cowle
14th April  - Paolo Iotti
28th April  - Andy Cowle
12st May  - Jane Cadwallader


Picture This! 10 Ways to Teach Grammar and Vocabulary Online Using Images

From birth we are programmed to make sense of the world around us by using visual input. This is why using visual materials lies at the heart of so much effective and memorable teaching. In this webinar, thanks to the internet and mobile devices, images were never more prevalent and popular to support communication.
This practical session, for teaching remotely, is for teachers of primary, secondary and adult learners alike, looking at ways to use images to teach and practise grammar and vocabulary at all levels.

10th February, 5.oo p.m. ROME Time Zone

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Teaching Writing Online

As classes move online, you might wonder: How do I handle teaching writing? What exactly can I do during my lessons?
You can’t spend 20 minutes watching students type, after all.
This session provides advice—with many examples—of how to provide instruction, allow for practice, set meaningful assignments, and collect students’ work, targeting high school and adult levels. We’ll have time for questions & answers at the end.

24TH February, 5.00 p.m. Rome Time Zone

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