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Super Magic

Beginner to Elementary - Common European Framework: A1-A2


Mariagrazia Bertarini, Martha Huber, Paolo Iotti

Super Magic is a new, simple-to-teach, six-level course of American English for primary-school children which follows their cognitive and psychological growth, using a whole-person approach that helps children absorb the experience of a new language.

Student’s Books 1 and 2 

• Action songs involving Total Physical Response present target language in the first two levels.

• Games recycle words and short expressions to practise and fix what has been presented.

• Special sections present:

- Festivals;

- CLIL activities for an interdisciplinary approach;

- A fun play to include the whole class in acting out.

Student’s Books 3 to 6 

• Gradual increase in complexity carefully coordinated with the child’s cognitive development.

• Photographs open each unit, relating English to the child’s experience of the world.

• Cartoon stories, games and fun activities activate the language introduced.

• CLIL sections introduce age-appropriate interdisciplinary materials and vocabulary.

• English-speaking-world section expands language learning into development of wider educational competences.

Digital Book

• Each level is accompanied by its digital version.

• Fully-interactive version for use in class with an interactive whiteboard (IWB) or PC.

• All the course material, teaching resources and tools in digital format.

• Fun and motivating ‘heads-up’ moments for everyone in the class.

Teacher’s Books 1 to 6 + Audio CD

• Detailed teaching notes and tips for each lesson.

• Transcripts of all recorded material.

• Answer keys for all exercises and activities.

• Set of photocopiable tests and self-check worksheets.


• Flashcards to present and practise target vocabulary (levels 1 and 2).

• Story Cards to capture children’s attention and aid comprehension of the stories (levels 1 and 2) .

• Posters to provide a permanent focus for vocabulary, grammar and functions practice and repetition.

• Puppet of Benjy, the friendly bear, to enliven children’s first experience of English.

Digital resources for online / blended lessons
• Each level is accompanied by its digital version.
• Fully-interactive version for online and interactive lessons.
• All the course material, teaching resources and tools in digital format.
• Fun and motivating ‘heads-up’ moments for your lessons.

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Extra Digital Resources - Student

Little Red Riding Hood



The Wizard of Oz

Robin Hood

Activity Book 1

Activity Book 2

Activity Book 3

Activity Book 4

Activity Book 5

Activity Book 6

Extra Digital Resources - Teacher

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Purchasing Info

Activity Book-full colour + Audio CD 1

ISBN: 9788853617668

Activity Book-full colour + Audio CD 2

ISBN: 9788853617743

Activity Book-full colour + Audio CD 3

ISBN: 9788853617804

Activity Book-full colour + Audio CD 4

ISBN: 9788853617859

Activity Book-full colour + Audio CD 5

ISBN: 9788853617903

Activity Book-full colour + Audio CD 6

ISBN: 9788853617958

Flashcards - 48 cards 1

ISBN: 9788853617682

Flashcards - 48 cards 2

ISBN: 9788853617767

Posters 1

ISBN: 9788853617705

Posters 3

ISBN: 9788853617828

Posters 4

ISBN: 9788853617873

Posters 5

ISBN: 9788853617927

Posters 6

ISBN: 9788853617972

Story Cards 1

ISBN: 9788853617699

Story Cards 2

ISBN: 9788853617774

Student’s Book 1

ISBN: 9788853617651

Student’s Book 2

ISBN: 9788853617736

Student’s Book 3

ISBN: 9788853617798

Student’s Book 4

ISBN: 9788853617842

Student’s Book 5

ISBN: 9788853617897

Student’s Book 6

ISBN: 9788853617941

Teacher’s Book + 2 Audio CDs 1

ISBN: 9788853617729

Teacher’s Book + 2 Audio CDs 2

ISBN: 9788853617781

Teacher’s Book + 2 Audio CDs 3

ISBN: 9788853617835

Teacher’s Book + 2 Audio CDs 4

ISBN: 9788853617880

Teacher’s Book + 2 Audio CDs 5

ISBN: 9788853617934

Teacher’s Book + 2 Audio CDs 6

ISBN: 9788853617989

Teacher’s Digital Book 1

ISBN: 9788853617675

Teacher’s Digital Book 2

ISBN: 9788853617750

Teacher’s Digital Book 3

ISBN: 9788853617811

Teacher’s Digital Book 4

ISBN: 9788853617866

Teacher’s Digital Book 5

ISBN: 9788853617910

Teacher’s Digital Book 6

ISBN: 9788853617965

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